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Engine Repair

V-Twin & Big Twin
We then install your choose of a S&S Motor, Harley Davidson Motor or Ultima Motor within your custom Chopper Kreations frame.
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Rear Tire Kits

Fat Tire Setup
Our 11 gauge cold rolled steel fenders has a minimum of an 6 inch sidewall. All fenders can fit tire sizes of 190 to 360 on the rear and 21 inch rim on the front.
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Frame Fabrication

Our frames are built out of DOM which is Drawn Over Mandrel tubing that is made from cold rolled steel. Our frame measuring system consist of measuring from the ground to the center of the neck, from the ground to the center of the front axle, mesuring the neck length including cups and bearings and measuring the rake fo the neck in degrees.

We use only the highest quality materials and components and employ precise, time tested fabricating methods in our continuing pursuit to revolutionize motorcycle designs and construction.
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Repair Services

What is the role of the service technician in the motorcycle industry?.

The service tech performs adjustments and repairs on cusotmers vehicles. A professional service tech is well-organized. A professional service tech relies on reason, research, and experience to diagnose and troubleshoot problems. The technician looks and acts like professional and does nothing to discredit the industry.

Engine Types

Knowing the ypes of engines that are used in motorcycle, ATVs, and scooters is very important in repair or tunning up a engine.

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Motorcycle Types

There are eight styles or types of motorcycles that may come into a shop for service or repair:
Sport Touring

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Technician's should always make sure the engine is in good mechanical condition before attempting a tune-up.

Services Options

Motorcyle, ATV, and scooter systems may be divided as followes:

Tune-Up Service

Tuning Up a Motorcycle

Tune-up is a service procedure used to resotre an engine to peak operating efficiency. Tune-ups are considered a maintenance procedure and often will not cure a performance problem. technician must use diagnostic procedures to correct a performance problem on a computer-controlled motorcycle.

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