200 N State St Lancaster, TX   75146 Tel: +1 214 997 1147
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Engine Repair

V-Twin & Big Twin
We then install your choose of a S&S Motor, Harley Davidson Motor or Ultima Motor within your custom Chopper Kreations frame.
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Rear Tire Kits

Fat Tire Setup
Our 11 gauge cold rolled steel fenders has a minimum of an 6 inch sidewall. All fenders can fit tire sizes of 190 to 360 on the rear and 21 inch rim on the front.
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Frame Fabrication

Our frames are built out of DOM which is Drawn Over Mandrel tubing that is made from cold rolled steel. Our frame measuring system consist of measuring from the ground to the center of the neck, from the ground to the center of the front axle, mesuring the neck length including cups and bearings and measuring the rake fo the neck in degrees.

We use only the highest quality materials and components and employ precise, time tested fabricating methods in our continuing pursuit to revolutionize motorcycle designs and construction.
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Motorcycle Business

Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair.

Chopper Kreations was founded April 4, 2005 in Dallas Texas and we specialize in hand crafting motorcycles from the ground up. Their frames are fabricated in house with the help of Amen Motorcycles Mike Brown who made numerous appearances on television including the Discovery Channel's Great Biker Build Off.

Mr. Charlie Gibson, the CEO of Building Kreations, completed his training thru the Mike Brown's Custom Chopper & Frame Fabrication courses as well as Cedar Valley College. All of the bikes are painted at their in house restoration shop.

Chopper Kreations is a full service facility. They have both metric and Harley specialists in house, along with a DynoJet Dyno, full machine shop, emmissions testing equipment, a complete line of specialty tools for getting the job done right, and service that's their number one product.

They offer complete engine rebuilds with dyno-proven horsepower increases, complete motorcycle tuning including high performance and race suspension set-ups, full motorcycle and services with over 25 years of experience.

We specialize in getting more horsepower out of engines and if you need a full restoration, some welding, electrical, or customization we can help.

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Management Team

Chopper Kreations Chief Executive Officer (CEO) handles everything such as determining the company's strategy. He hires and builds the senior team. He think about where the organization is going, the people and processes needed to get there, and how they'll work in the current market. He makes the final call on how resources get divvied up, and in short he is the decision maker in the company.

Chopper Kreations Chief Operating Officer (COO) handles the company's complex operational details. The COO insures the business can deliver day after day. He figures out just what needs to be measured so he can tell if things are going well. Then his team creates the systems to track the measurements and takes action when the company isn't delivering.

Chopper Kreations Chief Financial Officer (CFO) handles the money. He create budgets and financing strategies and figures out if it's better for the business to lease or buy. Then he builds the control systems that monitor the company's financial health. The CFO is the "bad guy" who won't let us buy that really cool videoconferencing equipment and makes us pay down a commercial loan instead. While we mope about it in our office, the CFO will be busy figuring out which customers, business lines and products are profitable, so next year we can afford the really cool videoconferencing equipment. Our CFO is the one lying awake at night dreaming about numbers.

Chopper Kreations Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) owns the marketing strategy--and that often includes the sales strategy--and oversees its implementation. The CMO knows and learned our industry inside out. This help position our product, differentiate it from our competitors' products, enlist distributors, and made sure customers learn to crave our product.

Chopper Kreations Chief Technology Officer (CTO) keeps up with technology trends, integrate those trends into the company's strategy, and made sure our company keeps current when it's necessary.

Chopper Kreations Sevice Manger handles the day to day business.

Chopper Kreations Sevice Writer or Service Advisor must have a good knowledge of motorcyles plus a sound understanding of the motorcycle [arts after,arlet/ They greek the customer at the service center.

Chopper Kreations Service Technician handles or diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, dirt bikes, or similar motorized vehicles. They also repair and adjust motorcycle subassemblies such as forks, transmissions, brakes, and drive chains, according to specifications. Replace defective parts, using hand tools, arbor presses, flexible power presses, or power tools. Connect test panels to engines and measure generator output, ignition timing, and other engine performance indicators. Listen to engines, examine vehicle frames, and confer with customers in order to determine nature and extent of malfunction or damage. Reassemble and test subassembly units. Dismantle engines and repair or replace defective parts, such as magnetos, carburetors, and generators. Remove cylinder heads, grind valves, and scrape off carbon, and replace defective valves, pistons, cylinders and rings, using hand tools and power tools. Repair or replace other parts, such as headlights, horns, handlebar controls, gasoline and oil tanks, starters, and mufflers. Disassemble subassembly units and examine condition, movement or alignment of parts visually or using gauges. Hammer out dents and bends in frames, weld tears and breaks; then reassemble frames and reinstall engines. Repair and paint the vehicles.

Charlie Gibson
Chief Executive Officer
Fred Gibson
Service Manager
Charlie Gibson Jr
Service Technician